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fine art photography


Mauro Fioravanti,

born in La Spezia in 1963, began his photographic career in the early 80s of the twentieth century.

Growing up with technique and creativity, he was admitted to the school's Master course of photography Click Up in Florence and subsequently to the photography courses of the University of Genoa.

In 1995 he started his activity as a professional photographer.

In his more than twenty years of activity he tried to tell images the wonderful landscape of the 5 Terrre in Liguria, included by Unesco in the World Heritage List. He has received prizes and awards in various national and international photographic competitions: among others in 2007 he was selected among the finalists of the National Geographic Italy competition and again in 2017 selected for the Rotary Artistic Handicraft Award, in 2009 and 2010 he was invited by Olympus Italia to present his photography in the Milan and Roma Photoshows. Awarded the Bertelli prize in 2011 in Bologna; he was part of the Italian team of 12 professional photographers admitted in 2014 to the World Photographic Cup in Phoenix (USA) and in 2015 to the World Photographic Cup in Montpellier (France) He held the position of artistic director in 2006, 2007 and 2008 for the 'Vezzano Fotografia' festival and in the three-year period 2008, 2009 and 2010 for the 'Golfo Foto festival', a photography festival in La Spezia, a province of which he was president of professional photographers until 2018.

Are exhibited in the 'Art Photo Gallery' of Monterosso al Mare.

He has exhibited his works in different cities and is a teacher and speaker of photography at various organizations and institutions.

They talked about:

La Nazione 

Il Secolo XIX

La Stampa

Il Giornale

Tutti Fotografi



Art Journal


Tele Liguria Sud

Rai 3 Liguria

Personal Branding 2017

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